How do I get a UPC code?


SMS Port < space > < your 10 digit mobile number > to 1900 for your UPC code. You can generate the UPC code even while on roaming.

Please note, the UPC code is valid for 15 days only.

Please ensure that the UPC code is valid for at least 9 days at the time of filing for a request to port to Tata Docomo for smooth transfer.

Do's and don't:

  • UPC code should be generated fresh, nearest to the time of booking
  • Code should be valid for a minimum period of 9 days at the time of booking.
  • New code can be generated only after 15 days of initial code
  • If your UPC Code is valid for less than 9 day validity, you will need to generate a fresh one after the expiry of this UPC Code.